I have always hated Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions on media, software and apps.   It means I can’t play my Google Play movies on my iOS devices and my iTunes TV shows, movies, etc (of which I have a ton!) on my Android Nexus tablet.  It’s a major pain in the “you know what”.  So, after getting a little motivation cue from O’Reilly Media, which for years has stood behind the DRM free philosophy with their eBooks, I am announcing today that officially, all StaleyDigital™ apps on the Google Play store will not have DRM applied. Also, in the coming weeks this will also apply to Apps posted to the Amazon App Store*).

While we are doing this to help our legally paying customers and users, please don’t make us regret it by pirating the software. We aren’t a big company and try to price our apps fairly. So every time you “share” the app with a friend, instead of them purchasing their own copy, it hurts StaleyDigital™ and everyone else who wants to see more companies adopt DRM-free policies.

*As soon as Amazon approves the DRM-free apps.