About Sales Tax on Goods and Services sold by StaleyDigital

StaleyDigital, is required to collect sales tax on goods and services made by customers in the following state(s):

  • Michigan

How is Sales Tax calculated?
The method of sales tax calculation is dependent on each State’s current sales tax laws and guidelines. Most of the time, this sale tax is not only calculated based on the price of the goods and/or services purchased, but also on the cost of shipping, handling, processing and/or other costs charged as part of your invoice/order.

Tax Exemption
No sales tax is charged on items not subject to sales tax at the time of purchase. If you are a tax exempt organization, as allowed under the applicable State sales tax law, then upon proper documentation, your purchase of such goods and/or services may be tax exempt.

To qualify, proper documentation must be on record with StaleyDigital, prior to any goods and/or services being purchased/ordered. For example, a 501(c)(3) non-profit certificate issued by the United States IRS may qualify. However, simply stating you are making a purchase for non-profit use (e.g. as a church ministry member without a 501(c)(3) non-profit certificate issued by the United States IRS) would not be sufficient.

For details and for assistance with tax exemption, please contact sales.

Note: Digital online purchases (e.g. Apps) are considered delivered to your current billing address.